"why are you awake at three in the morning" asks the person who is also awake at three in the morning

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I found this girls Facebook account
I started at the top of her photos she had loads and loads of make up on out of control hair and was smoking had drug problems and and obsession with sex any way I kept scrolling down her photos some of them where quite horrific but then she was getting younger she was loosing her make up and the problems where becoming less and less she was so pretty, maybe one of the prettiest people I have seen, and it made me sad how pretty she was and how she ruined herself with all the make she covered her self up with she didn’t know she was going to end up like that, or maybe she did, but the saddest thing was she didn’t look happy. It made me think that none of us know how we are going to end up three years down the line maybe we will be killed, start drinking end up on the streets, we just don’t know so we?

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Some one send me some questions please! I am so bored

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I love you and I hate it

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I’m so nice sometimes 📦🎁

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indie blog
celebrities before and after photoshop! :O

like if you knew you would treat me a lot different

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its weird when people don’t know how close your are too other people and there like ‘that’s ma babe’ and your just thinking of all the hours and days  you’ve spend with that person that they don’t know and all the conversations you have had about them with that person and really compared to you, you realise that they don’t know them hardly at all. 

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